Choosing Your Coach

The most important thing to do when looking at a network marketing business opportunity is your research. I think it’s important to find a company that’s solid with an awesome product line that you believe in and a coach that best suits who you are. Those three beliefs are going to be huge for your success. 

What Sets It Works Apart

Our products are so unique and they do what they say they are designed to do. The ingredients have such a high grade and the prices are unmatched, even to the extent of having a customer program that offers distributor pricing without the obligation of a business. 

The It Works! Wrap (the Ultimate Body Applicator) is our flagship product because no other product on the market today is anything like it. There is no other product that can do what our Ultimate Body Applicator can do. That means that there is no competition with big retailers. It’s only available through an It Works Distributor, so if someone wants it, they are going to come to you about it. 

The company itself is a Christian-based company who went debt free in 2009, despite a declining economy and have remained debt-free to this day, which is unheard of. Although It Works! has been around since 2001, we have not even scratched the surface of people knowing about us yet, and if they have heard of us, they’ve never tried it. 

If all of that wasn’t awesome enough, we have a simple, duplicatable system to ensure your and your team’s success with It Works! Global. As long as you stick to that simple system, the rest is history. 

The It Works! Steps to Success

We have a proven system with our Steps to Success to guide you through your It Works! business. Brand-new or a veteran to this business, this is how we grow our business from month to month with It Works! There are three steps:

1. Step One is to Join the Party. It costs $99 to join the business. Included in your kit are all the tools you need to get started. You will also receive a box of 4 wraps that your closest friends and family can try for around $25 to $30, so you make that $99 back right away. It’s a risk-free investment! There are also two optional booster packs that you can add to your start up with additional discounted products that will help you get in the profit zone right away with your new business.

2. Step Two is called Wrap Rewards. Your target is going to be to think of 4 people in your life who would try out these products as a Loyal Customer. For every 2 loyal customers we help get started for the lifetime of our business, we get a box of body wraps or facials for just $25 plus tax (no shipping.) If you do that in your first month of business, the company will reward you with $120 in free product to either get a testimony of your own or to get more wraps.

3. Step Three is to Go Ruby by helping 3 friends complete Step 1 (Join the Party) as an It Works! distributor with you and teaching those people how to do step one, step two and step three. Did you know the average Ruby income is $5603 a year? 

Repeat those three steps over and over again and that is how we build our business. As you can see, you’re not alone. We work this business together to help you succeed!

Team Schenker

I am proud to say that we have some of the best systems in place to help our team succeed! Our team loves to work together because we believe that we are better with one another’s unique gifts and talents. 

We provide our team with awesome training tools, including access to our personal video training archive. We also have in-home and online "virtual parties" where we help you speak to your friends and family about what we have to offer, and then send them back to you! We believe in "One Team, One Mission," that no matter whose team you are on, we all work together. 

You can literally customize our team’s systems to your lifestyle. You can build your business right from the privacy of your own home and you can bring them to our local events as well. It is our mission to invest in your success like it was our own, and we are happy to help you. 

We have had several years of experience in this business, and we were able to see our dreams come true, so now it’s our turn to help you! Thank you for taking a look at our team. We are happy to go over any specific questions you have together as well.